Woodstock Campus

Woodstock campus collage

Welcome to Hyde Boarding School in Woodstock, Connecticut. Located under an hour’s drive from Providence, a little over an hour’s drive from Boston, and under a 3 hour drive from New York City, Hyde-Woodstock is a boarding school in the heart of New England. A peaceful campus on 123 acres, surrounded by rolling fields and turn-of-the-century estates, Hyde-Woodstock is an ideal location to focus on your studies, hone your athletic skills and challenge yourself to reach a new level of personal excellence. Voted Connecticut’s “Best Town for Teens” in June of 2014, we invite you to come and experience Hyde School in Woodstock for yourself.




Campus Tour

Alina Donnely ’13 takes you on a tour of the Woodstock campus.



Brian O’Dea ’13 remarks about athletics at Hyde boarding school.

Hyde athlete Brian O'Dea doing the high jump in track and field

Hyde athlete Brian O’Dea ’13 doing the high jump in track and field

“When I went to the public school in town sports were all about being gifted and having the ability. Those who had the talent made the team, and the closest others could get to playing was watching from the sidelines. At Hyde School we all play three sports a year, each one bringing a new and exciting challenge, and new opportunities for each of the athletes. For me, Track and Field has been an amazing experience. From jumping over bars, to leaping over hurtles, track and field at Hyde has taught me the meaning of hard work, and what it is to be part of a team.”




Aine Zaniewski

Aine Zaniewski ’13

Aine Zaniewski ’13 on academics at Hyde.

“The academic day is centered around 6 class rotations and a two-hour study hall each night. The grading system takes into account the effort in and outside of the classroom through our “Effort over Achievement” Philosophy. It is extremely convenient having almost all of the faculty on campus as well; last year my math teacher was my wing parent so it was easy for me to walk across the door and ask for homework help. There are office hours multiple times a week, and the teachers are always willing to help and are very supportive. Teachers at Hyde work alongside the students in order to achieve understanding of the subject. “





Maureen Bellwoar

Maureen Bellwoar ’13

Maureen Bellwoar ’13 talks about weekends in Woodstock.

“The weekends at Hyde are a time for me to relax, catch up, and have fun. In my free time I love to hang out in the girls lounge and watch movies, play video games, read, or just talk to friends. The relationships I have here with faculty are awesome, I often spend time on weekends with different faculty, either spending time in their homes with their kids, or going on Target or Dunkin’ Donut runs. Saturday nights I like to hang out with people I normally don’t see during the days. Sunday I often post up in my room with food and books, and take breaks to hang out and do some of the off campus activities that are offered.”




Dorm Life

Hyde-Woodstock Girls' Lounge

Hyde-Woodstock Girls’ Lounge

Virginia Garrity ’14, Julie Arthin ’15, & Sydney LaCavalla ’14 talk about living in the girls dorm.

“The girls dorm lounge on the Woodstock campus was recently renovated. We were fortunate enough to have all new furniture, carpeting, electronics, and a beautiful wall mural. It connects our six female wings in this one common area. Whether it’s weekends bonding over food and movies, study hall during the weeknights, or a dorm meeting, it’s a comfortable environment. Each wing is responsible for wing jobs such as cleaning the hallways. We also have a dorm parent who lives in each wing and is always there to help and answer any questions or concerns.”

George Holt Brown ’14 talks about living in the boys dorm.

“The boys dorms at Woodstock are really nice places to gather with friends and enjoy yourself after a long day of rigorous studies and athletics. Each floor has their own lounge, and all of the lounges are equipped with new flat screen TVs. This really adds to the laid back and relaxed feel to the dorms– a special homey feel. We order food, watch games, and also have gaming consoles. Each resident has dorm responsibilities to keep the living areas clean. Each hall has a dorm parent who we can talk to if we have any troubles or need academic help.”




Discovery Groups

Amelia Lyle ’14 explains what a Discovery (or “Disco”) Group is and how she benefits from hers.

Hyde Woodstock Discovery Group

Amelia Lyle ’14, second from left, with her Discovery Group

“Discovery Groups are made up of one to two teachers and around 8 to 10 students. In my group I felt very comfortable talking about anything, from simply how my day was going to the progress of a family crisis. I remember in my freshman year, even though he knew how upset I might get, my Discovery Group leader told me that he was concerned about my poor attitude. Even though I was upset at the time, later I realized how he really cared about my personal growth—that was a turning point for me. Discovery Groups can be challenging, but they can be supportive too.”